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Jul 22, 2019

InkSlinger Pen Holders are known for their clean, minimal design and excellent functionality.

In this episode, we get to the nitty-gritty of making calligraphy pen holders. Dan of InkSlinger Pens shares his heritage as a woodworker, what inspired him to adapt pen-making as a full-time career, and more!

05:40 - What is a pen holder

06:20 - Pen holder materials 

09:25 - The pen-making process

12:08 - The wood that makes Dan's studio smell heavenly

12:40 - What makes a good pen holder

15:32 - Why size matters

17:07 - What to consider what buying a new pen holder

20:45 - Taking care of your pen holder

28:33 - Where to grab InkSlinger pens 

30:53 - Dan's Booger Collection


Show Notes: