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It all started with a text.

"I secretly want to start a podcast with you..."

"Calligra-besties" Christen and Ajab come together every other Monday to bring you new episodes about the world of calligraphy. We chat about our favorite supplies, books, resources and calligraphy styles. Sometimes we get a little deep and talk about how to stay motivated, combat comparison and find your worth as an artist. 

Every few episodes, we interview a guest in the calligraphy community. Experts in their field, our guests share their calligraphy stories and share about big topics–from the history of calligraphy to how to run a business.

Join us and become part of the conversation about calligraphy. Listen to the podcast in your favorite podcast app and connect with us on Instagram.

Meet Your Hosts

Hosts Christen and Ajab met as roommates at the 2017 IAMPETH calligraphy convention. It was apparent early on that we shared not only a love for calligraphy, but a true passion to teach and see calligraphers come together and support one another.

Self-proclaimed podcast junkies, we agreed that if we couldn’t be writing, we wanted to create a space for people to listen to and engage in active conversations about calligraphy. With that, we hopped on Skype and launched The Calligraphy Podcast.