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S2:E3 Links to Suzanne's Favorite Suppiles

Apr 13, 2020

In Episode 3, our guest Suzanne Cunningham shared her favorite calligraphy supplies. With over 25 years in the industry, Suzanne is one of the most respected calligraphers in the community.

Check out her favorites here, click below:

Nibs: Nikko G, Hunt 22B, Hunt 101, Gillott 404, Blue Pumpkin, Blanzy 605 (vintage)


Ep 16: Show Notes

Oct 28, 2019

Ep 16: How to Approach a Blank Page


After practicing letterform after letterform, it’s time to put those strokes to work! Today we are talking about how to layout a calligraphy art piece. From centering, to learning how your eyes trick your mind, we talk about how we approach a blank page, set up our guides, margins...

Ep 10: Dipping in Ink Show Notes

Aug 5, 2019


03:10 - Sumi ink

08:25 - Walnut ink

13:05 - Higgins Eternal Ink

15:45 - McCaffery's Ink

18:00 - Historic Iron Gall Ink

19:00 - Noodler's Fountain Pen Ink

20:20 - Ziller's Acrylic Inks

19:22 - Pelikan 4001 inks

21:45 - Gouache (Winsor & Newton)

24:50 - Payne's Gray Watercolor

25:30 - Ecoline Watercolor...