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Aug 5, 2019

Experimenting with new inks is a great way to branch out in your calligraphy journey. Whether you're a sumi lover like Christen, or a walnut ink fan like Ajab, you'll be sure to find the best ink that suits you.

And if you're drinking wine or coffee while you write, your beverage can double as your ink pot!

Show Notes:

03:10 - Sumi ink

08:25 - Walnut ink

13:05 - Higgins Eternal Ink

15:45 - McCaffery's Ink

18:00 - Historic Iron Gall Ink

19:00 - Noodler's Fountain Pen Ink

20:20 - Ziller's Acrylic Inks

19:22 - Pelikan 4001 inks

21:45 - Gouache (Winsor & Newton)

24:50 - Payne's Gray Watercolor

25:30 - Ecoline Watercolor Inks

28:30 - Writing with Beverages

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