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Mar 29, 2019

Thanks for listening to the inaugural episode of The Calligraphy Podcast. After taking a few moments to introduce you to the show, your hosts Ajab and Christen dive right into the first topic that is perfect for beginners. Learning calligraphy on your own can be challenging. How do you know when to change a nib? What style should I learn? How do I hold my pen? Wait, I have to prep my nib? These are all questions Christen and Ajab had when starting out. If you're a beginner, this episode will help you move past the early struggles and grow in your calligraphy. If you're a veteran scribe, chime in to empower those just starting their journey in pen and ink. 

A few notes from today's show:

How to prep your nib using the potato method

We mentioned Heather Held, who does beautiful illumination and flourished florals. Check out her work.

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